Job Placement Strategies for Hiring Great Employees

February 10, 2016

Cody Johnson, job placement strategiesJob placement isn’t art, it’s a science. Finding a great employee begins with a great hiring strategy. It’s never too early to manage a potentially fantastic employee’s expectations during the hiring process. It’s going to shape their engagement with your company’s brand, products and their performance when hired. Creating a hiring strategy is the first step to finding a great employee.


Job Placement Assessments Are an Important Hiring Strategy

Future performance can be determined through an effective hiring process. The use of talent assessments will help your hiring managers learn more about the candidate and how well they will fit into your organization’s culture and meet performance expectations. Assessments help to create a performance profile of behavioral characteristics, skills, and personality traits. The information gained through assessment can be used in the hiring process and also when evaluating current employees’ performance for advancement opportunities within the company.


What to look for in an assessment tool

There are lots of assessment tools out there, so knowing how to use the right one for your hiring strategy is key. Look for an assessment that is:

  • Easy to take
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Appropriate and asks questions related to the position
  • Able to show proof of ability to perform job-related tasks
  • Not too long. You want candidates to be able to complete the assessment in the time allowed.


Follow up with feedback

No matter what the results of the assessment are, continue to provide feedback. Follow up with the candidate. Let them know where they stand in the hiring process. This will help maintain a positive impression of your organization and your brand, whether the candidate is hired or not.
Finding great talent isn’t magic. It begins with having a clear hiring strategy and using effective assessment tools to determine their potential fit with the job requirements and your company as a whole. When your hiring strategy is great, finding a great employee is possible.