Purchasing Executive Recruiters for Ogden, UT

If your business is looking to hire a purchaser in Ogden, UT, then you should get help from a procurement staffing agency like Recruiting Connection. Purchasers play important roles in any company, and as an executive purchasing recruiting firm, we can help find you the strongest candidates with experience, industry knowledge and an understanding with purchasing, supply chain and procurement. There are several purchasing positions that we can help you find candidates for. These include:

  • Commodity Manager
  • Director of Purchasing
  • VP Procurement Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer

How Can Recruiting Connection Help Find Your Business a Purchaser?

Part of Recruiting Connection’s expertise is finding and connecting the most qualified purchasing candidates with the employers who are seeking them out. For executive purchasing recruiters, we have set a high standard in the industry when it comes to staffing companies with qualified individuals. Our primary goal and mission are to give our placements success and see your business succeed as well.

A good and experienced purchaser can help your business’ operations run a lot smoother. A qualified purchaser will be able to take on these types of responsibilities:

  • Procure and contract for items and services that your business needs
  • Implement corrective action when defective or damaged goods are received
  • Take inventory and perform audits of your company’s property
  • Review sample products
  • Make sure your company has a good supply of things
  • Draw up and approve requisitions
  • Conduct research on different vendors and negotiate for your business’ needs

A qualified purchaser will be able to stick within your company’s budget by keeping costs low on goods and services but not sacrificing quality on them. A purchaser will also put forward purchase orders under your business’ policies while keeping up on the delivery statuses, like when an order takes place and when a delivery is received. It’s also important for a purchaser to keep a record of vendor contracts because this can help your company find new, or even better, suppliers to provide products and services that better suit your company’s needs. They can also serve as a liaison between their department and other departments within the company. Additionally, they could be responsible for implementing background checks on vendors for quality assurance purposes for your company, maintain well-kept, organized records of vendors, answer phones and schedule meetings.

Within these duties and responsibilities, it’s important for a certified professional purchaser to have a good understanding of computers. Essential skills would include a candidate who knows how to use a word processor and software-based spreadsheets. Knowing how to efficiently use the Internet is also critical because most business is conducted online.

You can find the right purchasing candidate who will help your business in Ogden succeed with help from Recruiting Connection.

Contact Us Today & Fill in that Purchaser Position

When you work with Recruiting Connection, you’ll be sure to find the most qualified candidate for a purchasing position. Our process is thorough, and it involves background checks, interviews and reference checks. Skills tests are also done through us and we make sure our purchasing placements have the skills and know-how to help your company in Ogden succeed. We understand that interviewing is a lengthy process, but with Recruiting Connection, we can handle this part for you. To fill in that purchasing position, we can help you save the time, money and resources it takes when trying to fill the position. Your company is priority number one. With Recruiting Connection, you can put your focus back on your business while we find the perfect individual for you. The best candidate won’t only possess the skills you need, but they’ll understand and share your company’s vision and cultural values. See how we can help your business succeed. Contact Recruiting Connection and we’ll find you a purchasing professional to help your business’ operations run the way they’re supposed to.