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Your sales and marketing staff are the lifeblood of your organization. We understand that talent in sales and marketing varies from industry to industry, but with the right sales and marketing recruitment agency, you can find the right candidates to make your business’ operations run the way you want them to. At Recruiting Connection, we can help you find the perfect candidates to fill these roles in Salt Lake City. Success in sales and marketing requires local market understanding and strategic insight. You need reliable, ethical and energetic professionals with proven performance and the ability to build and maintain industry relationships. We recruit for the following sales and marketing positions:

  • VP & Director level sales
  • Sales/Marketing Director
  • Business Development Professional
  • Outside/Inside Sales
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing positions

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Candidates

Recruiting Connection’s expertise lies in finding the most qualified applicants for sales and marketing positions for businesses in the Salt Lake City area. As a marketing recruiting firm, we’ve set a high standard in connecting sales and marketing talent with places they can thrive. We truly care about the success of our placements and how they can benefit your company in SLC.

How important is it to hire the right people for your sales and marketing positions? A sales and marketing team is important because it has a considerable influence on your business’ profitability. On the marketing side of things, the team will build a strategy and set target groups in order to meet the company’s demands. Typically, a marketing and sales department implements:

  • Market Segments (Audience Scope) – Your industry and the types of products you sell will heavily influence the roles of your sales and marketing team. For instance, if your business sells technical products, then your target audience would require someone who is an expert in that particular industry in order to sell and market your business’ products. If your business is targeting services for a specific region, then you would require a team who can act as generalists for that location. When you’re targeting specific age groups, this will be another factor to consider when finding candidates for sales and marketing.
  • Strategies – After the marketing team has determined the scope of their audience, a common strategy will be put in place. Depending on your industry, strategies can differ from one another. For example, if your company is selling a technical product, a marketing strategy would be to put most of the focus on highlighting the technical features of your product and what it can do. If your product is targeted towards a specific age group, rather than focusing solely on the product, a strategy could include selling a lifestyle. This is where finding the right talent for sales and marketing is integral because they’ll know what to do to help your business profit.
  • Marketing Plans – Marketing plans can move forward once the target audience and strategy is figured out. These plans can include pricing and promotional materials while maintaining the company image.

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The interviewing process can be lengthy, so why not make it easier for you? Recruiting Connection can help you save time, money and the resources it takes to find the perfect individual for the job. Your business should be your number one priority and with help from us, you won’t need to be distracted anymore. Whatever your industry demands in regard to your sales and marketing strategies, Recruiting Connection can find you the perfect candidates to fill the positions. We can provide you with a competitive advantage by identifying your specific sales and marketing platform and matching you with your ideal candidate. As a sales and marketing recruiting firm, we’ll be able to help your business out in Salt Lake City. Call or email us today to find out more.

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